• Brooklyn Free Clinic is a shining example of everything American medicine needs to be (but isn’t at all). I had an amazing experience here last night – from the friendliness of reception to the professionalism of the medical staff – and the only downside I saw was that this free community service is one that more people don’t know about. Hopefully this review will help to change that (BFC wasn’t even a Yelp entry until I added it! I learned about it on the Brokelyn website).

    - Elishevah G.
  • I needed to go to the doctor and am in between insurance policies, so I found the Brooklyn Free Clinic online and went the next day during walk-in hours (Wednesday, 5-6pm)… If you don’t have health insurance and need to see a doctor, I’d recommend this clinic! Just make sure you make an appointment in advance. And bring a book to pass the time in the waiting room.

    - Brendan F.

Who We Are

The Anne Kastor Brooklyn Free Clinic is a student run organization that provides free health care to the uninsured in Brooklyn.

Our volunteers are students and physicians from the SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing, and School of Public Health. Under the guidance of volunteer physicians and faculty advisors, our students provide care and health-maintenance screening to enrolled patients. We also provide access to a network specialists who have volunteered to treat our patients at no cost. Students who volunteer at the clinic are highly motivated learners dedicated to community service. The support and generosity of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center gives us the means to provide free, high‐quality services to our patients.

Want to become a patient?

See if you are eligible.

Want to volunteer?

Downstate Students: We need you!

Physicians: We need you too!

2018 Student Leadership Council

Executive Board

Chief Operations Officer: Max Klein
Chief Medical Officer: Michael McGee
Chief Development Officer: Mike Levine
Chief Financial Officer: Katerina Lembrikova
Chief Communications Officer: Jordon Friedman
Chief Administrative Officer: Priyanka Pramar
Chiefs of Medical Education and Ethics: Kush Patel & Jonas Kwok
Chief of Patient Safety: Saira Akhtar
Chief of Outreach and Education: Nicolle Siegart
Operations Manager: Ericka Boucard

Clinic Council

CO Coordinator: Anna Dikstein
SV Coordinator: Aaron Saxton
JV Coordinator: Rohan Maini
Physician Coordinator: Cristina Sorrento
Chiefs of Research and Quality Improvement Chairs: Reem Khondakar & Sejal Shah
IT Chair: Noah Silverstein
Referral Chairs: Rachel Sheskier & Joe Chapman
Pharmacy Chair: Jonathan Leong
Patient Education: Lauren Bellone
Treasurer: David Polman
Nursing Program Directors: Joyi Yeung & Bryan Keane
RISE Coordinator: Paige Marze
Women’s Health Night Director: Melanie Peters
Psychiatry Director: Yeon Joo Lee
Fundraising Chairs: Michael Sabarese & Oscar Krol

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Meet Our Social Worker

Here at the Brooklyn Free Clinic (BFC), we want to truly care for all our patien

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