2017 NYC Marathon

Are you ready for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon?

We sure are! Marathon day is November 5th, and this year our team features some all-star runners who are giving their time, blood, sweat, and tears to keep our clinic doors open! Read about them below. Interested in donating to our team? Click here.

2017 BFC Team

Tom Burchfield, MS2

Tom hails from Woodstock, NY (yes, that Woodstock) and attended Georgetown University for mathematics. Unrivaled at SUNY Downstate for his command of wordplay, Tom is unofficially known as the King of Puns by his friends, admirers, and would-be usurpers. In his free time, he enjoys singing Creedence Clearwater Revival karaoke songs out of tune and dodging questions about whether he and his twin brother are fraternal (they truly don’t know). This is Tom’s first race, exemplifying his idea of “going big or going home.”

Kenny Chao, MS4

This is Kenny Chao’s third marathon and the second time he has run for the BFC team (he previously ran in 2015). His main passion is rock climbing, which he has been doing for over a dozen years. Although he gives up time from that to train for marathons, the trade-off is the ability to eat more ice cream without blowing up. Plus, he gets to proudly support such a great organization. Kenny attended Cornell University, majoring in hospitality management, and subsequently worked in the finance industry before doing a post-baccalaureate and joining the Downstate community.


David Hyman, MS2 (our Emergency First Response Director)

Originally from Scarsdale, NY, David attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a member of its acapella group. And since he also knows his way around a guitar, you should definitely ask him to serenade you with “Free Bird.” This is David’s first marathon, though he previously participated in the Philadelphia Broad Street Run. David has not decided what speciality he wants to pursue, but hopes to be a good doctor (no worries there, buddy).




Tim Ibrahim, MS4 (our Chief Medical Officer)

Tim is a fourth year medical student who plans to pursue residency training in Emergency Medicine. As an akBFC volunteer since his first year of medical school, his views on medicine and patient care are built solidly on the clinic’s mission to address health disparities in the community it serves. Tim enjoys running in his free time, and although he has never dreamt of attempting a marathon, he sees this as an amazing opportunity to give back to the community that has taught him so much. When he isn’t training or in the clinic, you may find him climbing or singing Disney songs in the shower.


Katie Lee, MS2 (our Fundraising Chair)

This is Katie’s second year running the NYC Marathon on behalf of our clinic (wow!). Though she is currently an avid runner, Katie actually competed collegiately as a pole-vaulter whilst pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of California Santa Barbara. In her spare time, Katie enjoys meeting new dogs (and their owners). In addition to serving as our clinic’s fundraising chair, she is actively involved in Downstate’s Global Health Club and spent her summer in Peru working in the local clinics. Professionally, Katie hopes to become an emergency medicine physician.


Chrissy Sim, MS4 (our Chief Development Officer)

Chrissy is a fourth year medical student at SUNY Downstate. The Brooklyn Free Clinic has been an important and influential aspect of her medical school experience, and she is excited to run the marathon on its behalf. Her favorite post-race celebrations always include friends, burgers, and beer.



Eric Taub, MS1

Eric grew up in the city of White Plains in Westchester County. He went to college at New York University where he also received a Master of Science degree in chemistry. Eric is an avid runner and recently completed his 100th race with the New York Road Runners and has completed the NYC Marathon five times. He is extremely excited about starting medical school and being part of the SUNY Downstate community. Eric is looking forward to supporting the Anne Kastor Brooklyn Free Clinic so that it can continue to provide free, high-quality medical care.

2016 BFC Team

Our 2016 team included Jim and Ben Naughton, Mike Levine (COM 2019), Katie Lee (COM 2020), and Gina Cheng (COM 2020). Because of your support, they raised $21,000, all benefiting the Anne Kastor Brooklyn Free Clinic!

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2014 BFC Team

The 2014 Brooklyn Free Clinic NYC Marathon team raised over $15, 000 in support of the Brooklyn Free Clinic’s Medication Assistance Program (MAP) , which provides prescription medication free of charge to BFC patients.

Team BFC

2014 Team Members:

Marib Akanda, COM 2017 (Bib #59543)
Erik Anderson, COM 2017 (Bib #16806)
Sam Paskin-Flerlage, COM 2017 (Bib #39613)
Camilo Werlin, COM 2017 (Bib #58290)
Zachary Wolner, COM 2017 (Bib #39611)

2013 BFC Team

Some of our runners after the 2012 Brooklyn Half Marathon.