STI & HIV Testing

The RISE Program

RISE counselors serve as volunteer educators and test providers trained to deliver psychosocially competent HIV and HCV counseling in the setting of both negative and positive results. Student volunteers are trained in specific counseling techniques to engage high risk populations with the aim of improving our understanding of the burden of disease on the individual and the community as a whole. RISE strives to normalize HIV and HCV diseases through education and community engagement, to challenge social stigmas surrounding affected populations, and to increase health within our community.

Our program builds capacity in sexual health, harm reduction and HIV/HepC counseling in the Downstate community. Each year we train over 30 new counselors drawn from students from all the schools at Downstate, many of whom take on leadership roles. We strive to incorporate lessons learned in counseling encounters to grow into sensitive, aware and empathetic providers and allied health professionals. We also seek to take the skills we build and pass them on to others within DMC.

In 2015 at the BFC, The RISE Program tested

people for HIV
people for Hepatitis C
received RISE Counseling

Downstate Health & Education Alternatives for Teens (HEAT) Clinic

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