About Us

About The Brooklyn Free Clinic

SUNY Downstate Students

We are a student-run free clinic. A fully-board-certified physician supervises our work and helps us with clinical decision-making.

Committed to Social Justice

We are committed to addressing health disparities in Brooklyn through service. We envision a world in which every patient has the resources they need to be healthy. 

Passionate about education

Through our work we strive to learn both clinical healthcare and about how to become more socially conscious providers. 

2019 Student Leadership Council

Executive Board

Chief Operations Officer: Oriana Tascione
Chief Medical Officer: Katie Lee
Chief Development Officer: Jennifer Kaminsky
Chief Financial Officer: Robert Gurevich
Chief Communications Officer: Hannah Street
Chief Administrative Officer: Aaron Conway
Clinic Officer Director: Alexandra Diggs
Nursing Co-Directors: Julia Smith & Jamal Berkenkotter

Clinic Council

CO Coordinator: Alexandra Diggs
SV Coordinator: Brendan Denvir
JV Coordinator: Nikki Kijak
Physician Coordinator: Alisen Huang
Operations Manager: Davena Zhang
Chief of Medical Education and Ethics: Zhan Wu & Adam Rifaat
Chief of Patient Safety: Jennifer Grossman
Chief of Outreach and Education: Prithwijit Das
RISE Co-Directors: Toan Nguyen & Richard Del Pino
IT Chair: Adam Wolfert
Chiefs of Research and Quality Improvement: Alexander Lazzaro and Alfonso Caetta
Referrals: Marc Emos and Ben Silverstein
Pharmacy Chair: Lynn Benson
Patient Education: Wajiha Kazmi and Lauren Bellone
Treasurer: David Kim

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Pelin Celiker & Collin Buckley
Emergency Response Director: Celestine Christensen
Patient Navigation Chair: Jason Tromblee
Asylum Clinic Director: Aram Durgerian

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